Where the Money Goes

We are currently raising money to support two life-saving research projects, both with a connection to blood cancer patients in Essex and the wider region.

 Dr. Suzanne Turner, Department of Pathology, Cambridge University -  Analplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is a relatively rare and under-researched disease that predominantly affects children and young adults, too many of whom, die of the disease. Suzanne's work has identified that only a small number of cells drive these tumours. She now wants to understand these so called 'tumour stem cells' and how they propagate the tumour. The work is designed to gain a better understanding of the disease and develop more effective and less toxic treatments.

Dr. Melanie Capusso, Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary, University of London - Melanie has discovered the activity of a newly identified protein called HVCN1 in CLL and Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma. She has shown that the protein helps the tumours in different ways, protecting cancer cells from dying or facilitating their growth. Melanie now wants to fully characterise HVCN1 function in these tumours and understand how it helps them to grow. Armed with this knowledge, we can then target it with new treatments that will provide new tools to beat blood cancer.